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Vertical garden Various

Vertical garden

Vertical garden The great interest in greenery and nature is leading to the considerable diffusion of gardens even in highly urbanized areas. We are not referring only to public gardens, but to a completely innovative conception of green space, called the “vertical garden”. This term refers to walls and walls decorated with a "second skin" made only of plants.

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Top 5 hawthorn compote recipes Information

Top 5 hawthorn compote recipes

Hawthorn compote is a healthy vitamin drink that does not require much effort to prepare. In addition, this is the easiest and fastest way to preserve berries, thanks to which the benefits and taste of the fruits can be enjoyed all year round. Benefits and Harms There are many useful vitamins and trace elements in hawthorn, and if you properly prepare a drink from these berries, then most of the health properties will be preserved: hawthorn fruit strengthens a weakened immune system, which is important for children and often sick adults; if you regularly consume the drink, the risk of heart disease and vascular wear is reduced; hawthorn compote is useful for the nervous system as well - it soothes it and helps restore cells; lowers cholesterol; mineral composition the drink accelerates tissue regeneration, which leads to skin rejuvenation.

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Nuclear - Why nuclear? Collections

Nuclear - Why nuclear?

More about nuclear power ??? Among the strong points of nuclear advocates is that sound accidents! But when an accident happens the size of the event is so devastating that it will affect subsequent generations and there is no other human catastrophe with so frightening consequences.In other words we can say that it is possible to increase the safety standards but it is not possible to eliminate the risks.

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Combined lighting: illustrative examples Collections

Combined lighting: illustrative examples

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 A neighbor put up a blank fence, and the court was on his side Information

A neighbor put up a blank fence, and the court was on his side

Two neighbors living across the street from each other once had a serious fight over a blank corrugated fence. The spat lasted a long time and almost put an end to a long-term friendship when one of them filed a lawsuit. Ivan Vasilyevich was offended by Sergei Borisovich Ivan Vasilyevich has a wonderful house, the most beautiful in the village.

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Lawn construction - 3 Interesting

Lawn construction - 3

Sowing grass seeds It is best to sow seeds in spring or autumn when the soil is warm and moist enough, but you can also in summer if you can ensure regular watering. When sowing in the fall, the main thing is to correctly calculate the sowing time so that the grass has time to grow to a height of up to 10 cm before the onset of frost.The seeding rate of seeds depends on the type of soil and conditions on your site, as well as on the type of grass mixture.

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